While strata managing agreements vary to suit property and owner needs, At Fresh Property Management we look after your property through following four key areas.

Strata administration
We help alleviate the demands, stress and risk that comes with managing your property. Access to regular industry training and leading technology means we can provide administrative expertise regardless of your property type.

Financial management
We protect your strata property by managing the collection, accounting, and expenditure of funds with complete transparency and diligent reporting. Our processes include online invoice approvals, a local support and local finance team, and debt recovery.

Maintenance coordination
We ensure buildings and common areas within strata or community titled properties are maintained for the benefit of all owners, including, maintenance planning, maximise cost efficiencies, and contractor coordination.

By-laws and rules
By-laws are one of the most fundamental elements of community living and are a legal requirement to help owners enjoy their property. Without understanding by-laws, they can become a source of dispute. We provide the services to make sure your by-laws are fair, accurately drafted, registered, and consolidated with your relevant state body as required by legislation